Queen at last – Foundry workshop Guatemala

A few days ago I had the chance to be part of Foundry Photo Workshop Guatemala 2014. This workshop was attended by 90 photojournalists from a bunch of countries, we had great instructors and I got to know very talented people. This journey took for me almost 10 days, tough days where I lost around 3 kilos in the process of getting my story done and where by the time the after party took place the only thing I wanted was to sleep. Is going to take a while to take in this experience. I shared this week with, Danny Cuevas, Luis Garván, Erick Pozos, Carlos Mendoza, and Gerardo Flores. Thanks to my instructors Matt Black and James Whitlow for taking the time to be guiding us in Guatemala, also to the incredible Jen and Bev, to Eric Beecroft for making this happen and for the Trauma and first aid in the field class (Eric and and Andrew Nunn), which I think this only class was worth the trip.

Thanks to Luisa Valdez and Ricardo Roca for giving me access to “Hogar de Ancianos Fray Rodrigo de la Cruz”, and to Susan Sermoneta for introducing me to them, also to Kevin Hagen for the help in the very beginning of this story and to Jonathan Clifford for the final help. Above all, thanks to Graciela Salazar, the former queen of the nursing home, for the permission to tell her story.

This is the way my project was shown in the final student slideshow event:

A few more pictures of the story:

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