Commercial photography and video

I started working as a commercial photographer in 2009 in Monterrey, Mexico, were I lived at the time.

A behind the scenes picture from a project I did in La Paz, B.C.S.

In 2011, I started creating video content for my clients, I became more of a content creator than just a photographer. Sometimes I get to work on an idea for a project from scratch to get a storyboard or a campaign, depending on the scope, sometimes is just me, sometimes I am a part of a bigger team. I have worked with many agencies, mexicans and americans. Most of the time I get hired to deliver photos and videos. Over the years I have managed to work fast with excellent results, we shoot both things (photos and video) during the same production schedule.

In 2011 Frisa hired 15 photographers. One of the goals was to print a book to commemorate 40 years from its founding. I was lucky enough and honored to get one of my pictures iconized in the cover as well as shown in several places of their facilities. 

My first coffee table book

baja california sur, rostros de una naturaleza inmensa

My first cofee table book was printed on 2019. It is a joy to see years of work on a book.


Because of the nature of where I live, Real State photography is part of what I do. A great moment was when I was hired by the Times (my favorite paper) to do a job. Here is the link:

Click to go to the article at the Times.


I got hired by the tourism trust of my state Baja California Sur to create content, for the Todos Santos Film Festival. I made content for the press, for social networks, offical portraits of the artists and a video as a promo for future events that was highly used by the state for promoting the state in different forums.

This video promo was made for Tourism
I made the official portraits for the festival that year.


I was hired to make a corporate video for OLARENA, a group that owns Solaz, Hacienda del Mar, Sheraton Los Cabos, Ten Car Rental and Hydrop. We spent a few days creating content in Los Cabos.


I was hired to make a music video with Tina Schlieske at the Hotel San Cristobal in Todos Santos. Bunkhouse was launching a musical residency called Thank You and Good Night. Tina is just the best! Also the Bunkhouse team.