About me

Francisco Peña was born in La Paz, México, where he lived during his first 18 years. After high school he went to Monterrey Institute of Technology, located in Monterrey, México. He graduated as an electronics engineer and worked as a consultant for CEMEX (Global leader in building materials) for 7 years, and ended up traveling around Center and South America.

Suddenly, he chose the freelance world, left his MBA studies, his big company job and started a fine-art printing business named kaskaron. In kaskaron he works with some of the finest Mexican wedding photographers, and that is how he got involved in that great journey.

After 16 years living in the industrial capital of Mexico, in the age of social media, he and his wife decided to relocate their business to the exotic Baja.

Before getting married he had the opportunity of living in the US for a year, and, a few years later, he spent a year in Switzerland where he learned french between pubs and the Université de Fribourg.

He enjoys his life with his wife, daughters and their dog.